What’s Inside

GolfMIND: What’s Inside the Program

Embark on a transformative journey with GolfMIND, where we blend expert knowledge, practical drills, and cutting-edge technology to elevate your mental game in golf. Here’s a closer look at what our program includes:


Our lectures are crafted by experts in sports psychology and seasoned golf professionals. They cover a wide range of topics, from mastering focus to developing resilience on the course. These interactive sessions are designed to provide you with deep insights into the mental aspects of golf.

Daily Drills

Consistency is key in golf, and our daily drills are designed to build that. These exercises focus on mental routines, visualization techniques, and strategies to enhance concentration, ensuring you stay sharp and focused every day.

SOS Drills

Sudden obstacles on the course? Our SOS Drills are here for immediate mental assistance. These quick yet effective exercises are designed to help you regain composure and focus during unexpected challenges in a game.

Tee Time

‘Tee Time’ is a unique segment where you apply what you’ve learned in a simulated game environment. It’s a practical approach to test and refine your mental strategies, preparing you for real-world scenarios on the golf course.

More Talks

Delve deeper into the mental game with our ‘More Talks’ series. These are advanced lectures covering nuanced aspects of golf psychology, including coping with high-pressure situations and advanced emotional regulation techniques.


Networking and community building are vital. Our social events provide a platform for GolfMIND members to connect, share experiences, and support each other. These gatherings range from casual meetups to golf outings and online forums.


Leveraging AI technology, AI GolfMIND offers personalized feedback and recommendations based on your performance and progress. This smart tool adapts to your learning style and continually evolves to meet your mental training needs.


Have questions? Our FAQ section is a comprehensive resource where you can find answers to common queries about our program, methodologies, and more.


We are committed to providing ongoing support to our members. Whether it’s a technical question about our platform or a query about mental training, our dedicated support team is always ready to assist.

1 on 1 Coaching

For personalized attention, opt for our 1 on 1 coaching sessions. These sessions are tailored to your specific needs, offering in-depth analysis and customized strategies to enhance your mental game.


To complement your mental training, we offer a range of GolfMIND gear. From training aids to branded apparel, these products are designed to keep you comfortable and motivated both on and off the course.

At GolfMIND, we believe in a holistic approach to improving your golf game. Our program is meticulously designed to address every aspect of the mental game, ensuring you’re well-equipped to tackle any challenge on the course with confidence and skill.