GolfMind was created by Dillon Freed. He holds a degree in psychology and is completing a graduate degree in Neuroscience. His products BasketballBrain, GeniusCompetitor, NeuroscienceSports, BoingVERT, BoingMIND, and the products on his personal site have been used by hundred of thousands of people. GolfMind helps golfers get into the zone or flow before they play. No matter your skill level, this program will dramatically improve your game or your money back.

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Our Aim
In golf, there are great strength and conditioning coaches, there are likewise great analytic experts. Further there are terrific skills coaches along with masterminds of strategic offensive and defensive schemes. There is a glaring void for the psychology of athletes. GolfMind aims to be the “fifth force” in the golf world and fill that void. This is the next best thing to having your own, personal golf psychologist. This is your secret weapon.

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